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Top 7 Best Car Bluetooth Receivers With Aux Input Online India 2021

By UpgradeCar Team

March 4, 2021

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Looking for Best Car Bluetooth Receivers With Aux Input?

If you are looking for a hands-free driving experience along with listening to your favorite songs and answering some important calls during driving then car Bluetooth receiver comes out as a perfect gem of accessory for you making non-Bluetooth car stereo wireless for you without the need of upgrading your car music system to a fancy one.


Best Bluetooth Receivers For Car With Aux Input

Here are our top 10 best car Bluetooth receivers handpicked from the online market, reviewed thoroughly to help you provide an informed decision before making a purchase.

1. CrossBeats Mini Bluetooth Receiver

A bluetooth receiver should be compact in design, and the CrossBeats Mini Bluetooth receiver with its 3.5mm Aux Adapter is certainly up to the job.

The main feature of a bluetooth receiver is it turns a non-bluetooth device into a receiver of bluetooth signal while pairing with Bluetooth available in your smartphones. 

It is ideal for use in cars to stream music from your smartphone and can also be used for home stereo systems with aux input and experience high quality music wirelessly.

aptX Low Latency technology

CrossBeats Mini uses this technology to reduce the end-to-end lag time to 40 milliseconds and hence you won’t face any issue playing high-definition videos. The latency is lowered to 95% providing instant sound without any lag.

This bluetooth receiver provides 5 hours of working time and the company claims to charge it fully in 2 hours, however that shouldn’t be a showstopper since you can enjoy your wireless content even while charging. 

CrossBeats Mini is compatible with most bluetooth enabled smartphones and electronics and it can be connected to 2 bluetooth devices at the same time so there is no need to manually switch connections.

Inside the Box

We found one Bluetooth Receiver, one Charging Cable and Instructions Manual inside the box, the weight of the receiver is around 60 gm with 1 lithium ion battery inside it.

Customer Reviews and Scores

CrossBeats Mini is an extremely versatile Bluetooth receiver and also provides a 1-year manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase to gain customer’s trust. 

I found 1,710 global ratings at the time of writing this review and they had awarded the CrossBeats Mini 4.2   stars out of a possible 5 on average.

The customer reviews on Amazon are positive overall, but there were a few niggling points raised. One customer said, “The product has very poor build quality. The 3.5mm pin is not good”.

However, no one else seems to have experienced the same difficulties, so perhaps it isn’t a widespread problem. Other customers said, Perfect fit with my car Light weighed With Good battery Backup U must go for this item its far far Away better than aux cables”

That makes it very easy for me to recommend the CrossBeats Mini Bluetooth receiver for cars and also makes it to the first position in our list of Best Bluetooth Car Receivers.


* Small device. Doesn’t take up space and is hardly noticeable.

* Battery backup is good. About 2 to 3 hours of continuous music streaming.

* Quality of sound is very good. Make sure you are playing 256kbps or 320sbps and above songs on your phone.

* It has a charging point to which you can connect the car’s charger and it works even when charging.

* Switches off by itself if you forget to do it. (After 10mins of inactivity).

* Multiple devices can be connected. For ex:- all the people in your car can connect and play their fav music from their phone. It prioritizes the first device to play. (Tested 4 connections at a time).

In summary, the CrossBeats Mini can handle most tasks you throw at it, and is a highly rated and versatile Bluetooth receiver for cars, small, lightweight  and easy to use, most real buyers of this product are extremely pleased with their purchase and would recommend this Bluetooth receiver to others. Hence we rank it no. 1 in our list of best car Bluetooth receivers.

2. Zoook Rocker Bluemate

Zoook a popular brand in the car subwoofer segment has also come up with a bluetooth car receiver to provide end-to-end car entertainment products, this bluetooth receiver combined with zoook monster subwoofer is a quality power packed wireless entertainment one can imagine providing upgrade to car.

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Zoook Rocker can play music or take calls from your phone to the car’s music system using a built-in microphone. It can connect to 2 phones simultaneously and provides 2 hours of call time with just 5 min of charging making it the fastest and one of the best bluetooth receivers available in the market.

One unique and useful feature we liked about this product is that it auto connects the last paired device, hence when you are out to pay for your petrol for 10 mins rest assured your smartphone is paired again when you enter inside the car.

For ease of operation, it has auto-shutdown functionality and 2 users can use this simultaneously, it also generates superior audio by noise cancellation built-in.

Inside the Box

 We found one ZB-BLUEMATE PLUS, one Micro USB Charging Cable, User Manual and Warranty Card.

3. Tewtross Bluetooth V5.0

Tewtross  Bluetooth Car Receiver enables the fifth version of Bluetooth to deliver crisp sound and provides distortion-free digital audio to non-Bluetooth car music systems.

The range in which Tewtross operates is up to 10 meters or 33 feet which is commendable for a Bluetooth receptor.

One distinctive and most feature of this car Bluetooth receiver is that it provides 12 hrs. of playback time on a single full charge.

It also can connect 2 Phones / Devices at the same time, thanks to the advanced yet easy dual connections functionality available with car bluetooth receivers available these days in the market.

The design of the device is simple and easy to use and is also compatible with almost all known smartphones available with bluetooth connectivity. Weight of the receiver is 70 gm.

Tewtross car bluetooth receiver provides a one year manufacturer warranty in India

Inside the Box

We found one Bluetooth Receiver , one Aux Metal Connector- very useful for durability in the long run, one aux cable, one Micro USB Charging Cable and one User Manual.

Customer Reviews and Scores

I found 825 global ratings at the time of writing this review and they had awarded Tewtross car Bluetooth receiver 4.3 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
Customers who purchased this product are satisfied with the performance of Tewtross Bluetooth V5.0 and have rated positive reviews on Amazon and we also found few users complaining about the price band available and the quality of the audio it generates. However, 95% of reviews are positive and hence we recommend this product and so is available in our list of best car Bluetooth receivers.

4. Musesonic Bluetooth V5.0

Musesonic Bluetooth uses Qualcomm chipset to provide high-quality audio reception along with the fifth generation of Bluetooth. 

Similar to Tewtross, Musesonic Car Bluetooth Receiver also provides 12 hours of battery life on a single charge to enjoy uninterrupted music supporting longer playtime.

The design of Musesonic Bluetooth Receiver is very user-friendly providing separate buttons for volume buttons on the side and pairing/play/pause button on the front.

Musesonic Bluetooth supports 2 device pairing at a time and has a blue LED indicator to indicate whether or not a device is paired.
This adapter requires no software, app, or complex installation process to use. Just plug it in the 3.5mm Jack Aux port of a car stereo and pair it with your Bluetooth device to wirelessly enjoy your favorite music.

Inside the Box

Customer Reviews and Scores

I found 627 global ratings at the time of writing this review and they had awarded Tewtross car bluetooth receiver 4.2 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

One customer reported issues with the sound quality apart from that we had positive reviews and most of the customers were satisfied with the product.

5. Mpow V5.0 CSR Bluetooth Receiver

If you are looking for a durable bluetooth receiver with aux cable for your car, Mpow V5.0  Bluetooth receiver is the product you should go after.

This receiver provides a 67 ft stable connection which is the highest benchmark level for a bluetooth device.

It also provides a high quality sound, quicker pairing of devices, and faster auto reconnection features.

With Mpow V5.0 you get a 16 hours of battery of longer playback time and is also highest among the devices in the list.

Design of the receiver is very much promising with a decent shiny square edge to provide a premier look to your car music system.

Mpow V5.0 also supports dual pairing of devices hence you can attend calls and enjoy music both at the same time.

I found 4391 global ratings at the time of writing this review and they had awarded Tewtross car bluetooth receiver 4.5 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

Customer reviews are very much positive, some of which have used previous versions of Mpow for around 2 years and have upgraded themselves with this newer version with better technical improvements.

Having said that, I found the price of the product to be slightly on a higher side for a receiver, however, as I said earlier if you are looking for a product which can last for 2-2.5 years without any issues Mpow V5.0 CSR Bluetooth Receiver is the best fit product for you and is one of the best car Bluetooth Receiver with Aux Input available in the online market.

6. Smashtronics – Car Bluetooth Audio Receiver

Smashtronics Car Bluetooth receiver uses Qualcomm chipset  CSR Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity which provides fast and high-quality reception up to a range of 10 meters.

This receiver provides a battery backup of 8-10 hours on a single full charge and can last upto 7 hours with music mode.

Smashtronics Car Bluetooth receiver is an easy setup for daily usage and provides buttons for volume control and a separate big pairing button. The weight of the receiver is approximately around 12.2 gms.

You can seamlessly connect 2 devices at the same time since dual pairing is supported by this bluetooth receiver, however the company recommends to connect only one device when using it for the first time.

2 years of warranty is provided from Smashtronics along with customer support to  win the trust of the customer.

Inside the box

We found one Bluetooth Audio Adapter, a 3.5mm Audio Cable, one Micro Usb Charging Cable and a  3.5mm Metal Pin

1 x user Manual.

Customer Reviews and Scores

We found average ratings for the product with mixed reviews, some complaining about the voice and charging issues. However considering the price of the product we do recommend a buy for a car bluetooth receiver under 1000 INR in India.

Smashtronics also provides type 1 car bluetooth receivers at a very cheap rate for under 300. Below is the link of the product.

We only recommend to go for this when you want to keep your receiver stagnant and do not move it frequently since the product quality is poor and you may face difficulty with the output.

 7. Infinizy MOTOTIVE Bluetooth Receiver

Lastly, in the list of Best Bluetooth Car Receivers, we have Infinizy MOTOTIVE. It uses the latest Bluetooth 5. 0 technology to provide a stable  connection between your phone and the non-Bluetooth car stereo with 3. 5 mm AUX port.

Infinizy Bluetooth audio adapter provides 10 hours of playback music streaming and 8 hours of speakerphone calls while driving, caring for your driving safety and keeps you entertained during those long car trips.

Design of the receiver makes it the best choice among car drivers. The buttons are easy to handle offering full access to music and phone calls controls, like receive and reject phone calls.

It has a built-in microphone that makes it perfect for hands-free calling during driving the car.

I found 31 global ratings at the time of writing this review and they had awarded Tewtross car Bluetooth receiver 4 stars out of a possible 5 on average.

This brings to the end of our list of Best Car Bluetooth Receivers with Aux Input, I hope you would now have a through understanding of the features of car Bluetooth receiver that you should look for before making a purchase.