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Top 10 High-Pressure Pump For Car Washing Online In India 2021

By UpgradeCar Team

November 1, 2020


Looking for a Pressure Car-Washer Machine for your vehicle? Put an end to your search with our list of the Best Pressure Car Washers in India!

It is not always possible to visit a Car-Wash to cater to your car’s cleaning needs. Especially when you’re in India, there aren’t a lot of such facilities available. In such a case, a Pressure washer is one must-have accessory for all car lovers. It helps keep your vehicles clean and free of oil and dirt. But like all other investments, this one also requires a thorough research before you make a choice.

It should have optimum power to clean your car and at the same time should not damage the color-coating. Most Pressure washers available in the market have the appropriate pressure conditions (95-135 bar) to clean the car efficiently. 

Here, we present our list of Top 10 Best Pressure Car Washer Machine available in the Indian Market, which have been researched thoroughly, and are backed by expert reviews:

10 Best High Pressure Pump For Car Washing Available Online India: 2021

1. Bosch AQT 35-12 1500W High Pressure Pump

The first spot in our list of car washer machine is taken by Bosch AQT 35-12 1500W Pressure Washer, for all the right reasons!

This product has one of the best power motors to support water-supply and a robust body. To be specific, the wattage offered in 1500 Watts. It boasts of a high performing engine.

It has a good reputation in cleaning dried mud and oil stains within a matter of a few minutes. This product also offers great mobility and portability with a total cable length of 10m. It has strong wheels and foldable handle. 

Another one of its plus point is a 3-in-1 Nozzle. This can be adjusted to three different modes, i.e. rotary, fan-jet and a low pressure detergent intake.

To add to its benefits, this product is Environment Friendly. It consumes fewer amounts of water as well as electricity during its operation. It has an auto-stop mechanism which monitors its water and energy uptakes.

Its usage is not only limited to car washing, but you can also clean household outdoorsy furniture and tools. Its pressure levels can be adjusted according to the need.

With an integrated accessories holder, this Bosch pressure washer is a very handy device.


  1. Bosch AQT 35-12 can work with a maximum flow-rate of 350 liters per hour. 
  2. The maximum pressure offered for car washing is 120 bars, which is desirable. 
  3. Length of cable: 5m, length of hose: 5m. This enables mobility and space while operating the device.
  4. Weight: 8kgs.
Top 10 Best Car Pressure Washer Machine India

2. ResQTech 1700-Watt 135 BAR High Pressure Pump RSQ-PW101

Similar to Bosch, ResQTech 135 RSQ-PW101 is a highly trusted brand in the market. It has an amazing water force which can cleanse off strong stains easily. The cleaning force can be adjusted as per the vehicle’s requirement. 

This product has a superior wattage of 1700 Watts and offers high pressure up to 135 Bar. Only reason it has been kept second in our list is because of its strong cleaning force that has been reported to scratch car paints if not controlled properly.

This has a Total Stop System which turns off the pump on its own, when the trigger is not engaged. This function enhances the pump life.

RSQ-PW101 comes with a SELF PRIMING mechanism. This enables it to suck water out of a bucket or a tub for washing. This enables cleaning without the use of a tap.

The company offers a 2-year warranty with the device. Another benefit is its highly satisfactory customer service. It has well-managed after sales support and has many happy customers.


  1. Pressure generated is exceedingly high: 135 bar.
  2. It is powered by a strong motor of 1700 Watts.
  3. Weight: 7.8 kgs.
  4. Has a 90 degrees nozzle jet.
Top 10 Best Pressure Washer For Car In India

3. STARQ XNT W1 HIGH Pressure Pump 1500WATTS (100BAR)

STARQ XNT comes with a strong and robust engine body for its pressure washer. Its induction motor has 1500 Watts power. Despite being strong, it is a light weight device. 

This high-pressure washer pump offers a wide range of accessories which further elevate the cleaning process. It comes with a washer, inlet pipe, outlet pipe, outlet gun, and an adapter. Also, it needs almost zero maintenance and has a good life. 

STARQ XNT has an Auto-stop function that saves electricity. It also does not require more than a bucket of water to wash your vehicle.

 Its ergonomic and functional water hose pipe is easy to install and use. The body of this device is compact which offers great mobility. Although, it does not have wheels and therefore has to be picked up and carried along.

It has one benefit over the above two choices, and that is a lower price range. This product may fit your budget better than the rest.  

STARQ XNT offers an additional feature of overheat protection to this product. It is safe and fun to use, and should definitely make it to your list as well!


  1. Weight: 8 kgs.
  2. Pressure of washer: 100 bars.
  3. Power: 1500 Watts.
  4. Warranty of 1 year is offered by the company.
Top 10 Best Car Pressure Washer Machine India

4. Karcher K2 Compact 1400-Watt High Pressure Pump

This product by Karcher K2 is true to its words and is compact and extremely light-weight. It weighs only 4 kilos and is easy to move around. Along with a portable body, it also lies in an easily affordable price range. 

Karcher is built from high-quality German technology which makes it a versatile product. It has hooks on its top for a clean look and has a detergent suction pump along with a rotating jet operation. The pump is protected by a filter net inside it.

Karcher K2 has a 1400 Watt motor with a water flow rate of 360 liters per hour. It has a variant named Karcher K2 home, which can be used for indoor cleaning.

Overall, this product can be your go-to choice if you’re looking for a device for light cleaning and under a small budget. 

It comes with a 1-year warranty and has also earned positive feedback from customer.


  1. Weight: 4 kgs.
  2. Warranty Period of 1 year. 
  3. Power: 1400 Watts.
Top 10 Best Car Pressure Washer Machine India

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5. iBELL WIND55 Universal Motor 1600 Watt High Pressure Washer

iBell is a growing Indian brand that is developing a niche for itself in the market. It has been developing consumer goods for quite some time.

iBell WIND55 Universal Pressure Washer is a product that cannot miss your eye! The company boasts of a very strong and powerful engine with a wattage of 1600 Watts. It also has a high-pressure washing ability with 135 bar pressure. It has a highly efficient washing mechanism.

Its high ranking feature is the durable and robust engine. With 1600 watts high power, it can facilitate all kinds of operations. With its well built wheels and foldable handle, it makes for one easy-to-carry device.

It has an integrated pressure nozzle that directs a strong stream of pencil-jet for controlled cleaning. The spray gun has an adjustable nozzle which makes it convenient in cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Additionally, it has quick connect feature which helps in faster connection of all parts and saves time. The fittings can be made easily.


  1. Power supplied: 1600 Watts.
  2. Pressure capacity: 135 Bar.
  3. Weight: 9 kgs.
  4. Adjustable spray nozzle.
Top 10 Best Car Pressure Washer Machine India

6. American Micronic-AMI-PWI-1500WDx- 120 Bar High Pressure Pump

American Micronic-AMI-PWI is a great performer in the field of car washers. It has a copper engine with 1500 Watts of power. The pressure supplied is in the desirable range (120 Bar).

This is a well-known brand and we recommend this product 100% if brand quality is what you’re looking for. It is a heavy-duty, tough pressure washer which can handle car washing as well as household cleaning. 

It is light-weight and portable. With a wide range of accessories available, American Micronic makes for one premium choice. It has a water flow rate of 390 liters per hour. 

It has a 45 degrees nozzle which offers accessibility towards hard to reach areas. Like all its competitors, this also offers an Auto-Shut feature, to save energy utilization. 

Coming to the additional accessories offered, a hose pipe filter and a turbo nozzle are guaranteed with it. A soap bottle is also enclosed with the packaging of the product.

The customer-care works amazing! It encourages customers to reach out and get their damaged products exchanged. 

To sum it all, it gives the experience of a professional car wash at home.


  1. Warranty of one-year is offered.
  2. Power: 1500 Watts.
  3. Pressure of 120 bar maximum.
  4. Weight: 6.9 kgs.
Top 10 Best Car Pressure Washer Machine India

7. Tech TrendZ Carcare 130 Psi 230 Ac High Pressure Car and Bike Washer

This product by Tech TrendZ Carcare is an elite option for anyone who is looking for a compact and light operational car washer. It can be carried in the boot all the time, without taking up much space. 

Its water jet nozzle is highly functional and has many features. It is rust proof and resistant to breakage. It gets connected to the water hose with a one-click mechanism. 

This product has a water flow rate of 6 liters per minute and offers a water pressure of 120 bars. It washes a car quickly in 10-15 minutes. 

In addition, it has an Auto-off feature which turns off the machine in case of large pressure build up. It has a rubber base (and screw holes) to offer vibration fixing on the garage wall.

Finally, we recommend this product for its low price, quality cleaning and compact design.


  1. Pressure: 120 bars.
  2. Water flow rate: 6 liters per minute.
  3. Auto-off feature.
  4. Warranty period: 6 months.
Top 10 Best Car Pressure Washer Machine India

8. JPT Proffessional 2300W Heavy Duty Pressure Car Washer Pump

If you are looking for a heavy-duty pressure washer which is also light weight and compact, you’ve arrived at the best product!

JPT Professional is a Heavy Duty Pressure Car Washer with a high power motor of 2300 Watts. It operates with a high pressure of 120 Bar. Also, it has a water flow rate of 390 liters per hour.

Its best feature is the easy adjustment of pressure as per requirement. Use it at low power to water plants or increase the power to 2300 Watts for a strong pressure car wash. It is an all-rounder!

Its copper induction motor is strong and works at pretty low volumes. It has an auto-shut down mechanism to save energy.

You can buy additional accessories such as: 90 DEGREE NOZZLE, Quick connector and professional car washing shampoos.

It offers a 1-year warranty. The warranty does not include the extra accessories.


  1. Weight: 3 kgs.
  2. Warranty of 1 year
  3. Power: 2300 Watts.
  4. Pressure: 120 Bar
Top 10 Best Car Pressure Washer Machine India

9. AllExtreme EXW3112 Electric Power Heavy Duty Car Washer Pressure Pump

The final product in our list is AllExtreme EXW3112. This is available in two variants: 1200 W as well as 1700W. It can carry out light to medium cleaning operations. 

Its pressure hose works at low volumes and can save water consumption. Also, power consumption is greatly reduced. This pressure washer also has a detergent tank and adjustable spray jet. 

It is efficient in removing dirt and grease stains with minimum effort. This one provides good performance and even better customer reviews.

The entire kit can be manually adjusted and fixed. It has a superior Nozzle technology to provide good cleaning results. The detergent dispenser provides for powerful cleaning.


  1. Weight: 6.4 kgs.
  2. Water flow rate: 300 liters per hour.
  3. Power: 1200W/1700W.
Top 10 Best Car Pressure Washer Machine India

What to know before finalizing a high pressure washer pump?


Before starting to look for a pressure washer, make sure you have your goals set. There are different kinds of washers available in the market for different types of functions.

It is an important step to realize the power and pressure requirement of your task.

You could need it for regular cleaning (light applications) or heavy work such as removing grease and oil from motor vehicles (heavy duty).

Such varied uses have varied products that can complete the task at hand.

So step one: make sure you know WHY you want to purchase a pressure washer.


Ideally, a pressure washer should work in the range of 95-135 bar pressure. Depending on the requirements, different products can be shortlisted. It is recommended to buy products where the pressure can be adjusted. Pay attention to each detail regarding the pressure criterion because after all, it is a ‘Pressure’ washer!


This is one differentiating factor when it comes to all the pressure washers available in the market. A wide and varied range of power ratings are available on pressure washers. This also covers the water flow rate. Adjusting the flow rate with the pressure is very important. There have been many reports of the car body paint getting scratched because of neglected water pressure control.

If you’re looking for a light weight equipment to do basic cleaning, a 2300W washer will not at all be recommended. For light consumptions, a pressure washer of 1500W is sufficient.

Looking onto the heavy-duty side, the requirement can range from 1700W and above.


When we talk about power of the pressure washer, we refer to its motor engine. The motor engine can be divided into 3 categories:

  1. Universal Motor: These are light-weight and recommended for lighter operations.
  2. Induction Motor: These are most common and recommended for medium to heavy duty applications. These motors are robust and tough and provide large power for heavy cleaning.
  3. Water cooled motor: These motors are the strongest of all the three mentioned. Though, this accounts for a hefty price of the product.

Hose/Pipe length:

Many times while buying a pressure washer, customers tend to overlook the length of the hose. When brought in actual usage, the hose length turns out to be a very important factor. 

Ideally 5-10m long pipe is required to ensure hassle free cleaning. All products mentioned in our list satisfy the minimum criteria for this.

Soap Tank: 

A soap tank which is inbuilt inside the washer is desirable. If you are required to use soap and shampoo solutions, a soap tank is needed. Along with this, wheels, repairing tools and extensible cords are alsso basic requirements. They help in making the portability and usage of the product easy.

What are different types of High Pressure Washer Pump/Machine Available?

To broadly classify, there are two types of Pressure Car Washers available in the market. They are categorized based on the type of engine that they use.

  • Gas-Powered Pressure Washer Machine
  • Electric-Powered Pressure Washer Machine
Gas-Powered Pressure Washer: These use a motor that extracts power from gas. It delivers very high power and pressure that is required for heavy cleaning. One disadvantage would be the gas emission that is released during its usage. These are comparatively noisy. It is desirable for cleaning driveways, large open areas etc. For cleaning vehicles, the pressure should be adjusted to a low range. They are a costlier option as compared to Electric pressure washers.Electric-Powered Pressure Washer: As the name suggests, these pressure washers use electric power to function. They release no fumes or exhausts, and work at low volumes. They are preferred over Gas Pressure Washers for vehicle cleaning owing to their lower pressure. They are comparatively light in weight and have a lower price range. Electric-Powered Pressure Washers have auto shut down features also.

What is the Importance of nozzles?

Using a pressure washer comes with a set of risks. If not handled at an optimum and safe pressure, they can lead to injuries. Therefore having a firm control over the pressure-nozzle is very important. It directs the angle and intensity of the water jet.

  1. An adjustable nozzle set is more desirable than a fixed one. It enables easy replacement. Customers can manually change the size and width of the spraying jet. The speed can also be adjusted.
  2. There are different types of spray nozzles: 
  • Red Nozzle (0 degree): For powerful and tough cleaning.
  • Yellow Nozzle (15 degrees): For heavy-duty cleaning and removal of tough stains.
  • Green Nozzle (25 degrees): Recommended for common washing tasks, including household cleaning.
  • White Nozzle (40 degrees): Suited for surfaces that are fragile and have a high risk of wear and tear.
  • Black Nozzle (65 degrees): It is a low pressure nozzle. If you are looking for a nozzle adjustment for shampoo cleaning, use this mode.

A precautionary measure: It is advised not to use the Zero-degree nozzle adjustment. Even if you require a high pressure and powerful cleaning, it can be made possible with Higher-degree nozzle settings. 

Precautions to follow while using pressure washer pump?

  1. Always read the instruction manual carefully. One must know about all the settings and modes of operations of the product. Keep the manual handy during usage.
  2. In case of replaceable nozzle tips, always turn off the device before adjustment. Electric and heat shocks are a common danger of pressure washers.
  3. Never use the Red Nozzle setting unless under expert supervision. It can harm the vehicle and could also inflict injuries.
  4. Wear Safety goggles and tough footwear while operating the device.
  5. Use appropriate power and pressure settings so that the water flow does not harm your car’s body paint. Customers report scratching and peeling off of the body paint while using pressure washers. This can be avoided by setting the pressure to a lower value.
  6. It is advised to start the cleaning process from a wide angle, always. This ensures that a strong force is not inflicted on the vehicle immediately.
  7. The electric-motor pressure washer should not be run from an extension cord. It needs a standard electricity supply.
  8. A safe distance of 6 inches should be maintained from the car while cleaning.

FAQ’s Regarding Usage Of Car Pressure Washer Pump

Q1.  Is the flow rate an important criteria while finalizing a pressure washer?

Ans: A lot of customers don’t know this, but the flow rate is a key aspect when it comes to a pressure washer. Once the pressure is set to the appropriate value, there isn’t much it can do to make the cleaning faster. It is the flow rate that can help to make the washing fast.

A tip: Multiply the pressure at which a system operates (measured in PSI) by the flow rate in gallons. The resulting number will be a guide to how the system will work compared to others.

Q2. What kind of detergents can be used in a pressure washer?

Ans: All kinds of detergents and soaps can be used in a pressure washer. Even laundry and dish soaps, mixed with foaming agents can give results. People also mix bleach with these. But bleach is a corrosive and prolonged use can damage the machinery. 

For professional quality car washing, some best detergent solutions are offered by Karcher and Better Home.

Q3. My Pressure Washer does not reach the maximum pressure as mentioned in the specifications. Why is that so?

Ans: There could be various reasons behind this. One could be that the manual installation had not been done properly. If the parts are not connected properly full pressure can not be reached. Second, the water hose might be clogged, resulting in a low force stream of water. It could also happen that the product has broken internal parts, which could not power the pressure motor.

Q4. What is the appropriate pressure for a car wash?

Ans: The appropriate pressure washer setting for a car wash is 1200 – 1900PSI. Pressure should be between 90-135 bar.

Q5. What to do in case of a clogged nozzle?

Ans: Following the below steps should help:
1. Disconnect the spray wand from the gun before cleaning.
2. Clear the nozzle with a small wire or metal clip.
3. Flush the nozzle backwards with water.
4. Connect the wand back and restart the pressure washer and depress the trigger on the spray gun.

Q6. What is meant by “winterizing the pressure washer”?

Ans: Whenever your pressure washer is not in use for more than 30 days, you need to stabilize the fuel. Empty the water out of the machine, and add pump-saver to prevent your pump from freezing or building up moisture.

Q7. Why is regular maintenance so important?

Ans: Often small problems such as leaks, pumping vibration, oil leaks, and pumps not shutting down inexpensive in the beginning. But they can become chaotic if not addressed and repaired regularly. Timely maintenance is very much required for such machines.

Q8. Induction Motor or Universal motor, which is better?

Ans: Induction motors are much larger/heavier and more expensive for the power it provides compared to universal motors. However, they are also more robust, quieter and will have a longer lifespan.

If you are looking for a simple model with not a lot of heavy cleaning, Universal motored Pressure washer should be your choice. 

Induction motors are more reliable for heavy duty operations. They have a long life and generate less heat and require less current to generate higher power than universal motors.

In Conclusion:

Here, we come to an end to our review of the Best High-Pressure Washer Pump For Car Washing Available in India. We have created this list by choosing expert-recommended products. To sum it all, our list consists of products for both heavy cleanings as well as general tasks. It is recommended to carefully choose a pressure washer that best fits your needs. 

We hope to have helped you make a clearer choice. Feel free to comment below in case of any queries.