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Top 10 Best Central Locking System For Cars-Online India 2021

By UpgradeCar Team

September 3, 2020

Looking for Best Central Locking System For Car Online India? Well, You have landed at the right place, read along to find the perfect tik-tik lock for your car.

When looking for car accessories, never forget to double-check your safety gear. One important safety equipment is your CENTRAL LOCKING SYSTEM. With technological development in every aspect of cars, it is also needed to have a modern central locking system. It ensures protection against theft and is also incorporated with a safety alarm.

Apart from protection against crimes, locking doors properly is also important when on the road. Rough terrains and bumpy roads make it imperative to do so. Among a lot of security benefits, it enables one to lock all doors with one remote key and also grants remote access to your vehicle. Many Central Locking Systems also have a Vehicle Locator, which helps in finding your vehicle in crowded areas or parking slots.

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Here’s a glimpse of our top 5 recommendation.

  • Specifications: 2 Remotes, 5 Door Lock Motors
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  • Specifications: Thunder 4W Remote
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  • Specifications: Generic for all cars
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  • Specifications: One Door
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  • Specifications: 3 Button Remote
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We enlist the top contenders for best central car locking system in the following list:

Best Central Locking System For Cars-India 2021

1. Blackcat Car Central Locking System BSA-4DM with 2 Remotes, 5 Door Lock Motors

The BlackCat Central locking system is among the best products in the market. It comprises an immediate alarm system that goes ON at the time of any emergency. This product also ensures security through its unbreakable unique code, which cannot be cracked easily.


  • Alarm Noise Level: 110 DB
  • Range: 300 ft
  • Features: Safety Siren,
  • Weight: 1.82 kg

 The BSA-4DM comes preloaded with 2 Remotes, 5 Door Lock Motors and hence making it no. 1 spot in our list of best central car locking system.

2. Xenos ABS Auto Gear Thunder 4W Remote Central Locking and Security System/Actuator

Xenos offers the complete solution for your car security issues. Its ABS Auto Gear Thunder remote has all the desirable qualities of a perfect car locking system. It provides protection to all the doors, the engine bonnet and the car trunk. Its safety mechanism includes a light and sound alarm system and gives open door warning to the driver.


  • Includes: 2 remotes, 4 entry protection switches, Siren
  • Features: Light Indication, sound alarm
  • Weight: 1.59 kg

2.1  Xenos Rottweiler 4W Remote Central Locking Security System for Cars

Another great product from Xenos is the Rottweiler 4W Remote Central Locking Sys. It supports manual as well as remote locking. This product also has a vehicle locator built within it. 


  • Includes:  remote,1 motor,1 horn waring kit
  • Weight: 4.54g

3. Autocop Piranha Dx Central Locking System for Car

Autocop has earned its brand reputation by resolving customer issues promptly and rapidly that according to us is one of the important factors while buying any product is how well the customer care of the company responds to its customers. Moreover, the product is known to be durable and long-lasting. It offers keyless entry to the car owner and also keeps it well protected with the remote sensor.


  • Features: 2 remote keys, can lock all 4 doors individually
  • Weight: 2.04kg

4.Keyless Entry Car, Keyless Entry System, Car Alarm System, Universal Car Remote for Car Safety for Remote Lock

Along with locking your car, this product also gives access to remote trunk release. It is universally compatible with most vehicles. Although it has a simple model, it still offers features such as siren alarm and light indication. It also has a vehicle locator.


  • Range: 50-80m
  • Features: 1 Control Box, 2  Remote Controllers
  • Weight: 209g

5.Care-car-key lexury Spare Remote for Maruti and Other Cars Fitted with Nippon Remotes one piece (Check Compatibility Chart Before Buying)

Care-Car-Key brings to you an easy to handle product for your car safety. It offers basic requirements to anyone looking for some simple door locking mechanisms. Also, its installation can be done easily without needing a mechanic.

OEM product for Maruti. This Remote works with almost all Nippon Central Locking SystemRemote Matching can be done by yourself(Matching procedure is in Description)Content : 1pic Remote Transmitter Assembly with Battery


  • Compatible with: Maruti and Mahindra

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6. Amsik DLS28BL Black Central Locking System For Chevrolet Beat

This Central Locking System has an ultra-slim design that can fit into compact spaces and yet work fine. It does not disturb the manual door lock, because of its clutch drive system which facilitates a smooth operation.

7.  RJ Car Decorators Cave Power Door Lock Central Locking Actuator Keyless Entry Car Security System Kit, Auto Locking Motor, Cave 15

With RJ Car Auto Locking Motor, you can replace your existing car door locks and can add it to non-power door locks as well. It is made from reliable quality material and is also water and dustproof. This product can fit in tight spaces and is resistant to hot/cold temperatures equally. 


  • Includes: actuator,  Iron bar, Mount brackets & bolts kit
  • 1 x Weight: 2kg

8. Voyager Reverse Parking Sensor

Voyager offers an attractive product for reverse parking aid in your vehicle. This Car Parking Sensor is desirable for parallel parking, backing up the car and distance keeping, especially in poor rear visibility conditions. It comprises a display system and alarm/buzzer, and can detect obstacles within 1.5m range.


  • Range: 1.5m
  • Weight: 381g

9. Wowobjects Car Remote Control Central Kit Door Lock Locking Keyless Entry System Universal One piece

This product by wowobjects is another central car remote control kit that is full of various functions. It comprises Vehicle Locator, LED light indicator, emergency siren/alarm system, trunk release etc. A little heavy on the pocket, but it has commendable features to keep your vehicle secure.


  • Features: Siren, Light indicator
  • Weight: 118g

10. Docooler Car Remote Central Lock

The last in our list of Best Central Locking System is from Docooler.

This one is a availble product on the Amazon marketplace other than most of them in the list.

It comes with code remote controls , electric lock and flashing alert.

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