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Top 10 Dust Cleaning Brush For Car Available Online India 2021

By UpgradeCar Team

March 22, 2021

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Finding the perfect Dust Cleaning Brush For Car Online India?

Well summer’s almost here (or is) if you ask some people. Now if you want to protect yourself from the harsh temperatures, we are sure you prefer traveling in a car, listening to your favorite tunes, with that AC cranked high for some amazing chill time.

So, what is the resort when your car is dirty and you need it sparkling clean and shiny before you go out to your work?

Fret not, we present you the best dust cleaner brush for car available on Amazon right now which won’t burn a hole through your pocket and actually make your car shiny and looking like it’s straight out off the showroom floor.

These products are highly rated and will surely last through the season and more in regards to cleaning your car.

Interested in knowing what these products are? Well grab a corner to sit or if you are reading this in your car seated on your seat, it works as well.

Best Dust Cleaner Brush For Car Available Online

1. NEXTON Car Washing and Cleaning Duster

Let’s start off this list of the top 10 car dust cleaner brushes with a multipurpose car cleaning duster…shall we?
Not your usual piece of rag or washcloth, this car cleaning duster by NEXTON has a lot going for it, which you will like quite a lot (and more importantly your car).

It has a smooth microfiber cloth which acts like a material of a towel. With texture like this, it is safe to use on the surface of the car without leaving any scratch marks or stains. 

On the outer surface of the car, you can combine this cloth with a car shampoo that will make the surface of your spotlessly clean. But wait, the show’s not over yet!

You can also use this NEXTON Car Washing and Cleaning Duster to clean the interiors of your car such as the dashboard, steering wheels, and seat covers. Some tricky spots where you can’t reach? Do not worry as this duster will reach those hard-to-get places and will make them perfectly clean.

It is perfectly priced and you can catch some amazing deals on this product on sale and special holiday events which are launched regularly by Amazon India, so all the more reason to get this car cleaning duster!

2. JOPASU Dust Cleaning Brush For Car

Do you feel like you have trouble reaching to the roof of your car to make it tidy and clean. If you are, guess you are one of us too. Worry not, this Car Duster by Jopasu will make your life a bit easier by providing you reach with its handle grip.

This Jopasu duster comes with cotton threads which are treated with wax which are made especially to trap dust and small particles which are accumulated on the body of your car. The long handle will help you maneuver the product easily and cover more area and in turn save your time.

So if you are interested in this product by Jopasu, it is safe to say that you will enjoy the process of cleaning your car. After you are done with the cleaning of your car, you can store this duster in its storage bag which comes with it and put it away safely in the boot of your car until the next cleaning session.

We know we quite like the carry bag that jopasu offers us with its car cleaning duster, and this is something which makes this car cleaning duster unique than the rest of the products on our list of “Top 10 Car Cleaning Duster”.

3. Tony Stark Microfiber Flexible Duster Car Wash

 Are you a fan of Marvel? Or are you a fan of keeping your car spotlessly clean?

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If your answer is yes to both of the questions, congratulations you can get a perfect product for yourself, which will help you in keeping your car neat, clean, and tidy!

Even after you get your car cleaned and washed, there still needs to be some maintenance that needs to be done. Enter Tony Stark Microfiber Flexible Duster Car Wash, which will help you in keeping your car dust-free and clean. With its microfiber duster, and a stainless steel rod it will go a long way in keeping your car’s interior and exterior absolutely perfect. The stainless steel rod is quite extendable which will give you a good reach when you clean your car’s roof or other hard-to-reach spots.

It doesn’t leave the traces of fibers behind which is also an additional benefit while you clean your car.

With its small footprint, it takes hardly no space and you can keep it worry free in the car’s glove box, the door pocket or the center console, so all the more reason to buy it.

The microfiber cloth is easily removable and you can soak it in normal water or mild detergent and dry it out before reusing it for the next time.

4. IVAAN Car Dust Cleaning Brush

Another one of the top products that we would recommend you to buy off the Amazon store is the IVAAN Car Dash Duster by IVAAN Store.

You ask us the reasons? Well this duster has some of the best features which sets it apart from the others such as:

  • No scratch fabric: The microfiber threads are lightweight, compact and it traps all the dust. Apart from your car’s interiors and exterior, you can also use this duster to clean your household items such as windows, shelves, computers, ceiling fans, sofas, furnitures and general dusting etc.
  • Fast Clean: The handle/grip with this microfiber cleaning cloth helps you to clean your car effortlessly and in time.
  • Easy to Clean: The microfiber brush head is quite sturdy and wear resistant and can be reused many times. It is also washable and is easy on the hands, with its non-slip grip fits comfortably without any hassles.

5. SMH Car Dusters with Mini Interior Car Cleaning Duster

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What if your car duster came with a “Plus One”?

No, we aren’t kidding…when you buy an SMH Car Duster, you will also get a cute little mini duster which you can use to clean the interiors of your car. Sounds epic…right?

The strands of the dusters are specially treated and manufactured which will lift the dust off the surface of your car body, without scratching the paint.

Also, you can clean any smooth surface which requires some dustings such as cloth cabinets, glasses, mirrors, tables etc. By using this microfiber duster, you can also save the planet earth by using less water.

The duster is also lightweight which can be easily used by anyone. A perfect multi use product that not only cleans your car but also helps in cleaning other household items, make sure you keep an eye out for this one before it runs out of stock!

6. ZANTEX Microfiber Car Washing and Dusting Sponge Duster

What’s better than one duster? Two? You might think that…What if we say…six?

Mind boggling, right? 

These car washing and cleaning dusters are specifically made for intense car cleaning and don’t even leave any scratches behind. These dusters by Zantex also come with a handgrip that is elastic in nature and helps you to properly hold on to the duster, aiding in better car cleaning.

So for an impressive price of one duster, you get five more dusters absolutely free! This summer just got better we would say!

7. Jopasu Car Duster with Duster Rejuvenator

When you use a duster, it might show its age overtime and wear and tear after repeated usage. What if there was something that could maybe add some more life to it? Don’t believe us? Well, we’ll give you a reason to!

The Jopasu Car Duster comes with a duster rejuvenator that will revive your duster and add some more shine and sheen to your car. The duster is made of car-friendly fabric that doesn’t leave any trace whatsoever after you are done cleaning your cars. 

The rejuvenating duster which has 500 ml of liquid, is a car-friendly formula that is easily sprayable and consists of thick paraffin, which helps it in attracting the dust and all the micro-particles away from the surface of the car’s exterior and onto the duster. 

Well, if it doesn’t sound magic to you, we don’t know what does. We highly recommend you to get this product! So go on, follow the link and get your hand on this magical product before it gets sold out!

8. VRT Microfiber Telescopic Car Cleaning Duster 

If you’re falling short to reach the roof of your car, well we have been there before too. It is quite frustrating and we have empathy for you.

Moving on, VRT has a duster that is excellent in cleaning and what’s more it has a telescopic arm which comes in handy in reaching those places where it was not quite possible before.

The microfiber head for cleaning the surface of the car is quite smooth and nice and doesn’t leave behind any traces of residue or fiber on the car’s surface; whether exterior or interior.

The telescopic arm has a good reach and comes with a good rubber grip which helps in the efficient cleaning of the car’s surface both the exterior and the interior making it one of the best dust cleaning brush for car.

9. Woniry Double Sided Microfiber Cleaning Gloves

We are pretty sure that you all are well aware of what a glove is…right?

What if we tell you that there is a glove which will help you in cleaning your car…sounds epic, right?

Well if you are interested in this product, then head on over to and search for Woniry Double Sided Microfiber Cleaning Gloves, as these gloves are really good and will help you in cleaning your car. 

The advantage of using these gloves in cleaning your car is that these gloves are double-sided with microfiber sides on each side. These gloves are quite effective and efficient as they use less water and less soap.

You can also use these gloves for cleaning household objects like windows, washing machines, bikes, LCD screens, and more.  You can use these gloves by Woniry either wet or dry for washing, dusting, cleaning, or polishing either car or household items.

10. Saiyam Microfiber Flexible Car Dust Cleaning Brush

Last in the list of best car dust cleaning brush is from a brand Saiyam.

If you are not into fancy tidbits while you clean your car and just want a reliable duster cloth which does the job, look no further than this product by “Saiyam”.

This product is guaranteed to give you the fastest result, easy and quick shine in just a few minutes. It is the ultimate polishing towel that can be used on paint, glass, chrome, and metal to get you that new car look that looks both glamorous and appealing.

If you are cleaning your car with Saiyam Microfiber Car Duster, you will be surprised that it will demand minimal cleaning agents and it requires significantly less amount of water which is rarely possible with other car cleaning dusters.

Being lightweight in nature, it becomes very easy to handle and wash your automobile for that ultimate off-the-showroom glam look. The fiber traps and attracts the dirt into the fiber using advanced static charges, therefore it does not leave behind any dust, residue or grime on the surface of your car or any other vehicle’s surface. These clothes are guaranteed to  remove even the toughest stains, spills and grease with minimum efforts.

So readers? What do you make of our list of Top 10 Car Dust Cleaning Brush? Which is the one that caught your eye and which one has all the qualities that will make you hop on Amazon and order one for yourself? Do let us know down in the comments!

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