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Top 10 Best Car Air Freshener Scent India 2021 | Best Car Perfumes Available Online

By UpgradeCar Team

October 21, 2020

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When you spend a lot of time inside your car, it is bound to catch an unpleasant odor and you don’t want your vehicle to smell awful😤 mainly due to food, cigarette smoke, and coffee. Pet smells can also be irritating at times. Luckily, you can remove every one of them using a car air freshener!

These small car care products make them smell wonderful once again. That feeling of brand-new car scent will give you a throwback to when you first got it. Moreover, making use of the best car air freshener inside your vehicle will certainly make any type of car feel much posher and keeps your mood in delight during the driving.

We did thorough research and have compiled a list of the top 10 Best Car Air Freshener Scents Available Online in India. This post is updated for 2020 and we have also included a wide range of items so you can have all the freedom when choosing your next air purifier!

At a Glance Our Top 10 Recommendation For Best Car Air Freshener Scents In India

  • Air Freshener Material: Natural Jute Bag
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  • Unique Feature: 2-In-1 Air Freshener/Purifier/Dual USB Port
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  • Air Freshener Material: Oil Based
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  • Air Freshener Material: Cake Based
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  • Air Freshener Material: Oil Based
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  • Unique Feature: Zero Alcohol
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  • Air Freshener Material: Gel Based
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  • Usage: Twist Mechanism
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  • Air Freshener Material: Gel Based
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  • Unique Feature: AC Vent
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Please do note that Car Air Fresheners do not clean the air from inside, and if it is mud or dirt smell we highly recommend using a Vaccum Cleaner to clean the interiors and Car Air Purifier to get fresh and pure air on the inside. Do check out our car care blogs for the same.

Top 10 Best Car Air Fresheners In India | 2020

1.Moso Natural GTC1011-NEW Odor Eliminator Air Purifying Bag

The first in our list of top 10 best air freshener is Moso Natural Bag.

This item is a purely natural and chemical-free product that helps to remove the unwanted smell from your car. It contains natural bamboo charcoal, which effectively absorbs bad odor, allergens from the car.

This incredibly powerful charcoal has millions of tiny little pores and cavities that work together to act like a big sponge. As air passes through the pores, odor, allergen and bacteria particles are trapped on the surface, which in turn purifies your air. Bamboo charcoal has been scientifically proven to reduce harmful chemicals.

Although costly this product can be reused for up to 2 years. Yes, 2 Years!!!!

Just keep your vehicle exposed to sunlight once a month, the UV light from the sun will clear the pores of the bamboo, and there you go, it can start absorbing bad odor again. How cool is that?

As a matter of fact, even after 2 years usage as an air purifier you still do not want to throw in the dustbin. You cut the bag and put the charcoal into your favorite plant in your garden. It will help plants to absorb moisture and nutrients.

Isn’t it great? A product that comes from mother earth and ultimately gives back to earth.

This product is best seller in US market but unforunately we do not receive much response in India. However Upgardecar strongly recommends using this product for car owners in India and is no doubt the no.1 product in our list.

2. Litake Car Air Freshener

This product is a 2-in-1 Car Air Freshener which works as a Car air purifier as well. The most prominent feature of the product is it releases 6 million negative ions per cm³ in your car that provides massive odor-fighting power.

Litake car air freshener works best when you need to remove odors and cigarettes’ quickly from inside of your vehicle.

This product is recommended for people who are sensitive to smell and it also helps to provide clean air inside the car for your kids & babies.

The negative ions released by this product improve the air quality by destroying odor-causing particulates from the air, unlike other car air purifiers that simply cover up the smells with perfume.

This product works by simply plugging it on your 12v socket of the car hence you don’t need to refill it and you can save maintenance cost, unlike typical car air fresheners. Hence it is hassle-free and simple to use and saves your pocket for long term costs.

Another cool feature of this product is it comes with dual USB ports for charging your mobile phone.

We liked the premium grey color look along with a LED indicator when it was installed in one of our team member’s SUV. Suitable for cars in every segment.

3. Sepia Citrus Fresh Oil Base Car Air Freshener

Another Car Air Freshener in oil base format comes from Sepia. It is a popular brand and have earned positive reviews online over the years.

This is an oil-based car air freshener and is a budget friendly option amoung our list of best car air freshners.

This air freshener reduces unwanted odors in your car by absorbing those odors and freshening the air with natural fragrances and the fragrance of this air freshener is wonderful. It maintains the air healthy and balanced, which is one of the most attractive features.

It comes in glass bottle and lasts upto 60 days and is available in 4 color variants- Citrus, Pink, Peach and Alps.

The weight of glass bottle is 60 gms in weight and you have to simply put it on your car dashboard instead of inserting it into Air Conditioning vent.

4. Involve Car Air Fragrance

This product from Involve comes with strong fragrances that performs best in SUV’s and Sedans.

It is a Made in India product with no ammonia and is 100% leak proof product.

It contains 3 pieces of delightful fragrance cakes that will keep you fresh with fragrance. They last extra when it comes to fragrance and generally lasts for 60 days and can be reused for mild fragrance through AC vent after the cake is consumed.

Available in various fragrance option, however the musk fragrance gives a enchanting performance and stands-out among the rest of them.

Involve ONE is available in 10 different fragrances Musk, Citrus, Spark, Splash, Classic, Lime, French Wood, Hype, Snow Fall, and Mojito Lemon. Here’s a description for each of them.


The delightful fragrance from Involve. There are a lot of fragrances and then there is the enchanting Musk that really stands out. Tantalizingly deep and seductive musk aroma at heart combined with a creamy wood base, punctuated with a hint of spicy accord.


The freshness of lemons when you enter your car quenches your thirst for cleanliness in your car. With pleasant notes of limonene and citronella this fragrance will redefine fresh lemons in an orchard


A sweet powerful smell that is loved by all. spark energises your car to smell like the sweetness of winds. The sweetness will remind you of all the natural goodness of woods and nature.


Fresh watery fruit cut in half bringing you a feeling of juicy magic in your car. The freshness will recharge your energies like a handful of water on your face. The aroma release will be therapeutic to your adrenaline levels.


The sweet smell of flowers is blended with rich aroma oils of Arabic descent to create a classic royal fragrance. The exotic world of far going Arabian perfume oil tempts your romantic mood and engulfs your senses with joy and contentment. Let the aroma win your love.


Cheerful, Zesty and fresh lime aroma. Accords full of verve fragrance of lime, bursting with energy and dripping with juiciness.


An elitist, smooth, and rich woody fragrance. Creamy note with royal oils, blended with master French profile to take the ambiance in your car up to heavenly paradise.


The top layer comes with quite a blast that retains its bright icy character. Involve one snow fall has a soft lingering aroma with a influential citrus smell, a touch of mellowness of the flowers but more like the smooth rounded soft ice that comes with snowflakes drizzling down a road. Fresh and intoxicating cold and chilly winter smell with soft cashmere like feeling, the incense is a simple layered smell that will create a cool ambience in your car.


Involve one mojito lemon is a fragrance that’s easy to fall in love with and impossible to resist. The citrusy freshness of ‘mojito lemon’, infused with juicy tanginess, is intense and intoxicating, just like the obsession that drives you. The favorite zingy drink to quench your thirst for freshness is now a fragrance take a dip in this freshly squeezed and filtered juicy flesh of the fruit. Imagine a clear glass half filled with ice cubes and a fresh yellow lemon squeezed on top, gently add sparkling water to this tangy combination and enjoy the cool uplifting blend of lemon, sugary cane, honey on a minty orange base.

5. My Shaldan Squash Car Air Freshener

In the 5th position of best car air freshener, we have Air Freshener from Shaldan Brand.

My Shaldan is very different from other gel air fresheners available in the market. It emits a refreshing citrusy smell extracted from natural fruits like Lemon and Lime.

My Shaldan is a Japanese brand of gel air fresheners since 1948 and is made from natural fruit oils fragrance. Available in limonene oil, it has an extremely refreshing, natural, and long-lasting fragrance. Each can of My Shaldan contains citrus oil derived from over 500 orange peels.

The company also claims that it has several benefits for mind and body as acquired from ancient Japanese medicial practices.

Benefits for your Body :

  • Aids digestion and detoxifies your system
  • Helps ease constipation and relieves water retention
  • Promotes blood circulation and increase the absorption of vitamin C
  • Supports your immunity to fight colds and flu

Benefits for Mind :

  • Reduces stress and nervousness
  • Energizes and fights lethargy
  • Helps treat depression
  • Promotes creative thinking and encourages the right brain functioning

6. Rapture Misty Mountain Car Air Perfume

Rapture Car Air Freshener is 100% alochol free product and offers consistent fragrance throught the life.

This car freshener comes with twist technology, twist the top to release the fragrance inside your car, and regulate the intensity of the fragrance.

Rapture is one of the most elegant, most luxurious gel-type car air fresheners available in different flavors.

For usage simply twist the lid to reveal the built-in vents. Leave the vents open a little wider to get better odor control, close them up a bit to add a little extra time to the product lifespan. This product has its own built-in (and kind of unique, it’s hard to describe) perfume that it gently releases and best suited for people with allergies.

It is ideal for use in your vehicle, home, garage, office.

7. Godrej Aer Twist 

Commonly used product from Godrej, available easily and most of us would have used the product as a car freshner or perfume to keep the bad odor away.

It is very convenient to use with twist to turn on/off mechanism to control fragrance intesity.

Godrej uses clever gel technology to keep one’s car fragrant upto 60 days, however, our personal experience says it does not last that long and ends up within 45-50 days of normal usage.

Design is aesthetic and appeals any person seating inside car, it can be easily placed on the dashboard or on the car cup holder.

It is available in various different variants online and you can get an option to choose from the various colors you like Petal Crush Pink, Cool Surf Blue, Musk After Smoke, Bright Tangy Delight, Rich Irish Cocktail, Sunny Citrus Blast, and Fresh Forest Drizzle.

8. Shadow Securitronics Refreshing Car Fragrance

In the 8th position, we have another Made In India product from Shadow Securitronics brand with their multipurpose air freshener that can be used both in the car and also for household usage.

This product is manufactured keeping in mind the preferred Perfume Sense range by Indian people.

California Scents is non-liquid Organic Car Perfume which is 100% leak proof.

This car air freshener has strong fragranace and hence it is best suited for sedan and suv car segment.

You can easily control the intensity of the perfume by sliding the button and covering the amount of aroma spread in the region.

This product is quite compact to be placed on the dashboard or on the coffee cup holder inside the car.

9. Airpro Sphere-Fresh Water Car Perfume Gel

Airpro is a brand fueled by innovation and creativity providing Car Perfume Gel which is elegant and creative in design and also has a long-lasting pleasing fragrance for all kinds of environment.

It is easy to use and uses french perfume to spread the fresh aroma.

Unique features of this car perfume include longer performance, availability in many fragrances and improved perfume formula inspired by the scents of nature to provide fresh air inside the car.

We liked the designer variant Airpro Luxury Mic Man Black of this brand. The design of this product provides substantial proof for the creativity of the brand.

10. Ambi Pur

And finally the last one in our list of top 10 best car air freshener is the very famous and a brand that needs no mention is Ambi Pure.

This air purifier is available in 10 different variants of fragrances.

Easy to use and control, just attach it to the AC vent and there you go. The aroma keeps circulating making your drive fresh each time you enter your car.

It lasts upto 45 days and is light in weight ergonically designed for car.

For the most part, we have covered all the best sellers and best car air fresheners available online. You now have a clear understanding of features of various car air fresheners, select the one best suited for your car, and as per your requirement.

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