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Top 10 Best Car Subwoofer With In-Built Amplifier India 2021| Review & Buying Guide

By UpgradeCar Team

November 3, 2020

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Looking for Best Car Subwoofer In India Online? You have landed at the right place.

Virtually every car leaves the factory with a minimum of a stereo and 2 door speakers of differing dimensions. This is the simplest form of car audio systems. A lot of contemporary and premium segment cars featured 4 audio speakers.

Subwoofers, help in making the music really feel bigger by completing the mix of your car’s speakers and they sync with speakers to produce a great musical experience for your car.

The most effective way to enhance a factory-installed audio system is to include a subwoofer and here is a list of best car subwoofer researched by UpgradeCar Team for you.

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At a Glance Our Top 8 Recommendation On Best Car Subwoofer For Bass In India

  • Size: 12-inch
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  • Size: 12-inch
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  • Size: 12-inch
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  • Size: 8-inch
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  • Size: 8-inch

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  • Size: 8-inch
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  • Size: 8-inch
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  • Size: 12-inch
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Top 10 Best Car Subwoofer In India 2020 | Reviews

Below is the list of top 10 best car Subwoofer in India available in online market, most of them come with a built-in amplifier.

1.Sony XS-NW12002 12-inch Woofer (Black)

At the top of our list of Best Car Subwoofer In India we have is Sony XS-NW 12002 12 inch woofer.

It is 30cm huge subwoofer with a peak power output of 1800W and a minimum power of 420W RMS.

The XS-NW12002 comes with a pentagon design that Sony claims is dimpled in order to reduce distortion level.

Frequency response is very wide, ranging from 32Hz-1000Hz, hence you can enjoy cleaner bass sound even if you listen to music at high volume.

It comes with PP diaphragm material and 4 ohms impedence.

What we liked?

To begin with, it is Sony, among the best producers of electronic products. It enhances your music experience and has bass. It’s “style reduces distortion” is the quality we appreciate when tuned in full volume. It’s likewise friendly.

What we didn’t liked?

According to a few reviews, Sony XS-NW12002 doesn’t work quite well with its rivals in the marketplace as the JBL does.

Checkout the unboxing video on youtube.

Video Source: YouTube From Through The Lens


2. Pioneer TS-W306R 12-inch Car Subwoofer (Black)

Pioneer TS-W306R is a distinctive 12-inch subwoofer with high power handling and better frequency response.

In order to improve durability and sound, heat radiation is an important factor, Pioneer has achieved this by providing aluminum cap and aluminum bobbin since aluminum is used as a great heat sink source.

They have used large strontium magnet to power this subwoofer and Pioneer claims they have put years of research to achieve high sound quality.

Apart from this, they have powerful dome shape design which provide increased strength and optimised bass response.

They also come up with Push Terminal to avoid any loose connection and ensure safety is maintained.

What we liked?

Voice coil cooling produces A quality bass. It really does not provide the largest bass, however, the size is certainly big and sufficient to allow your neighbors understand when you’re rolling right into the driveway.

What we didn’t liked?

Low watt amplifiers will not yield a good result. We recommend buyers to use a high watt RMS amplifier with this subwoofer because it is 360 watt RMS. It needs an amplifier.

The price of this subwoofer is bit on the higher side.

Best Car Subwoofer for bass quality in India

Also Check Other 12 inch Subwoofer Options from Pioneer in the same category.

3. JBL GT-BASSPRO12 12-Inch (300mm) Car Audio Powered Subwoofer System

The JBL GT-BASSPRO12 powered subwoofer pumps out a great car-rocking bass design and it is so cool you won’t need to conceal it within your car trunk.

JBL claims that their slipstream layout is optimized for the mixture of amplifier, woofer within the enclosure and that no company has provides such feature.

Roads will definitely cause turbulence in your car and may cause port distortion in your car audio which is very annoying. With JBL subwoofer installed you won’t have to worry about it and can enjoy distortion-free music even during nasty roads.

Also Check Other Portable Subwoofer Options from JBL in the same category.

3. 1. JBL PRX815XLFW Portable 15″ Self-Powered Extended Low-Frequency Subwoofer System with WiFi

This is a Portable Subwoofer from JBL With Wifi Option.

It is available in 2 sizes- 15 inches and 18 inches however this is not suitable to be installed in car.

We recommend this subwoofer only if you are looking for a portable option that you can easily carry during a weekend outing or during a road trip drive with you.

3. 2 JBL GT-X1300THI Bass Tube (Black)

This speaker comes in 12-inch size and bass reflex tube enclosure. This is another good option to look for considering portability. Also, it has a peak RMS power of 1300 Watts.

3.3 JBL Automotive Subwoofer (300mm)- 1400 Watts Peak- CS1400WSI

4. Zoook Moto69 MonsterX1 8-inch Car Subwoofer with Inbuilt Amplifier (Black)

Zoook Monster although a new brand, still it is a highly-rated, powerful subwoofer with a power output of 240 watts and is loaded with a built-in amplifier.

It is an 8 inches subwoofer that perfectly fits under the car seat and hence saves up your boot space unlike other car subwoofer.

This subwoofer comes with remote control for easy use of operation, an Overload protection circuit, a phase switch: 0 or 180 degrees and has a low pass filter: 40hz – 150hz.

Zoook subwoofer provides a bass boost of 0-12db in addition to that being provided by speaker and it has a built in subsonic filter at 25Hz to boost performance.

This subwoofer rests perfectly under the car seat and hence it saves boot space which is quite a useful feature and hence this subwoofer is also recommended for cars with less or minimal boot space.

There is one more variant of the subwoofer from the same brand.

It is the Monster X model with 180 watts of RMS power.

5. Woodman Compacta Car Subwoofer with inbuilt Amplifier (High Bass, Low Space)

Another new Brand Woodman provides a compact Car Subwoofer named Compacta with built-in Amplifier.

It’s an 8-inch subwoofer with a sleek design and fits perfectly in the boot space even if you have a CNG kit installed.

This subwoofer is NOT suitable to keep it under the car seat.

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6. Blaupunkt GTB 8200A Subwoofer System (Black)

If you are looking for a subwoofer that will make the music sound more pleasing and give out the right amount of bass in the audio tracks, then this subwoofer is for you.

This is a small subwoofer by dimension and it’s also physically and acoustically impossible to pump out car shattering bass, but what it does is add a lovely dimension to your music which was missing to date even if you already have an expensive component/coaxial speakers in your car.

  • Separate controls for low pass filter, phase, and gain.
  • Bass reflex Subwoofer enclosure with integrated Class-D Amplifier.
  • Peak power sensitivity 2,83 V/m.

7. myTVS SW2 8″ Car Underseat Basstube

It is a 8 inch subwoofer from myTVS accessories and it has a peak output power of 3500W with a bass frequency of 30-108 Hz.

myTVS subwoofer has in built amplifier that provides low distortion and extreme bass thumping.

This subwoofer comes with a 3 level protection which is overload/short circuit and high temp.

It is quiet compact and can be easily kept under the seat saving your precious boot space for luggage.

Best Car Subwoofer In India

8. Infinity Primus 1270 12″ Car Subwoofer

This subwoofer from Infinity needs to be installed inside the car. It requires a mounting depth of 5-15/16″ and is made up of a polypropylene cone with rubber surround stamped steel frame. 

The RMS power of 300 watts of Infinity Primus can go upto maximum of 1200 watts.

Infinity primus provides a bass boost of 91dB.

This subwoofer comes with a warranty of 1 year.

9. YOKOMA 8″ Subwoofer Box (with-inbuilt Amplifier), Car Audio Bass Enhancer

This giant beast from Yokoma a Japanese Manufacturer comes in a wooden box with a 8 ” subwoofer fitted inside it.

The wooden material is MDF wood and comes with 2″ voice coil in a stitched cone.

It has a FULLY covered Front Grill for woofer safety and comes with adjustable Bass crossover.

This subwoofer also comes with direct AUX input to connect to stereo systems.

10. PRONOD SR-P10A+ 10 Inch Active Basstube Subwoofer with Inbuilt Amplifier

Last in the list of best car subwoofer in India, we have PRONOD as the newly introduced brand for car subwoofer available online in India.

It comes in all 3 variants of 8″ , 10″ and 12 inch subwoofers.

The design of this subwoofer is compact and comes with an in-built amplifier.

The price range of these subwoofers are in economical range.

Buying Guide For Car Subwoofer Online In India | 2020

What’s an Amplifier and a Subwoofer?

A Subwoofer as Wikipedia says is a speaker made to replicate low-pitched sound frequencies known as a bass in addition to sub-bass that can be generated by means of a woofer. The regular variety of subwoofer comes in the range of 20-200 Hz. Subwoofers are woofers that recreate reduced audios, like that from bass guitars.

Whereas on the other hand Amplifiers are completely different from woofers in addition to tweeters. They enhance the sound while using the quantity control to create the audio.

What is the significance of having a Subwoofer and an Amplifier in a car?

As explained Amplifiers help increase or reduce the volume of the sound generated, they also contribute to better audio quality. Among the many reasons that people choose to add amplifiers would be to enhance audio quality. Manufacturing facility Audio speakers tend to distort the tunes. The mounting amplifier in your car will surely improve the high quality of the noise generated.

Subwoofers are designed to generate low-frequency sound that make any type of kind of music genre to sound better.

So altogether mounting a sub-woofer as well as an amplifier on your automobile will then make your sound quality better. Obviously it may cost you a fortune, but don’t you worry because on this list we’ve really dealt with your pocket too.

What Size of the Speaker is best suited for your Car?

Selecting the best automobile speaker for your personal tastes and your vehicle is necessary to get the audio you want. Because of this, you need to know why you would or wouldn’t select a specific dimension subwoofer.

This is your ideal choice if your car has a limited room or if your cars and truck included speakers mounted. These below don’t call for much power and many can be powered by your cars and truck’s stereo or a small amplifier. Nonetheless, this size is the bare minimum for enhancing bass performance. The woofer’s dimension and also efficiency is closer to a common 6×9-inch vehicle audio speaker– it’s capable of boosting bass, especially the high bass, but isn’t created for the thriving bass most people consider when acquiring speakers.

This dimension is perfect for entry-level automobile sound enthusiasts because they often match 8-inch units without much modification, making setups very easy. The bass efficiency is enough to supply some boom, but it’s not excellent for bass-heavy music like hip-hop or dancing music.

This is one of the most popular dimensions for car audio fanatics due to the fact that it can be delivering impressive bass. Nevertheless, updating to a 12-inch speaker needs some commitment. The installment is harder due to the fact that it calls for even more power than a smaller sized subwoofer, and it isn’t likely to fit into a factory-installed speaker area. In most cases, this size subwoofer calls for a room and also an amplifier to drive it.

If you want to impress every person you drive on the road, a 15-inch speaker is your finest option. Considering that these subs have the biggest area, they relocate one of the most air, which implies the bass is really felt from much more away. Nonetheless, due to the fact that it has to relocate so much air, it requires to be coupled with a powerful amplifier and a large enclosure. So, it’s not commonly suggested for smaller cars, unless you’re all right with giving up trunk space.

It’s also worth keeping in mind the bigger a subwoofer is, the simpler it is for the bass to take over the sound. Knowing exactly how to stabilize the speaker efficiency with your cars and truck audio speakers is key to obtaining the best sound possible.

When to Choose a Passive Element Speaker?

Best Car Speakers In India: 2020 : Review and Buying Guide Also Read | Top 5 Best Car Speakers India 2020| Review and Buying Guide

Powered subwoofers like the ones we examined are the simplest and most cost-effective means to add a speaker to your vehicle’s audio. However, powered cars and truck speakers are restricted in terms of control and also expandability.

An easy element speaker is the other choice. These subs are just the speaker and also nothing else. They need at the very least 2 extra purchases– an amplifier and also a room. As well as the quality and price of part speakers varies, from as reduced as

Given that you need to acquire the amplifier and unit, you have extra control over exactly how the woofer executes. You can acquire an amplifier to power the car speakers in addition to the subwoofer or to expand the system nonetheless you want. You can develop your very own enclosure to fit both your car and to form the bass to your choices.

How Much Do Car Subwoofers Cost?

The average price of car speakers comes under the price range of 3k-8k. To add bass to your mix, you need to buy a unit and an amplifier. When you consider the expense of an enclosure, amplifier, wiring, and a professional set up, a car speaker can conveniently run over 10k.

Consequently, a powered subwoofer, like the ones we assessed, are both the most convenient to set up and also the most cost-effective choice.

Final Thoughts

The list mentioned above brings us to the end of the best subwoofer system in India. The dilemma of what to buy persists until you come across the problem-solving list of subwoofer systems.

Analyzing the factors isn’t limited to the pros and cons; it goes beyond them, such as compatibility, price, warranty, etc. So, think and analyze from our top pick of car subwoofer in India, and then, you can groove in music every time you drive.

Did the models mentioned above help you? Tell us once you decide. You can reach us for any questions and doubts at [email protected] Our team will be happy to serve and address your issues.

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