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Top 9 Best Car Air Purifier With HEPA Filter Available Online In India 2021

By UpgradeCar Team

March 17, 2021

Best Car Accessories Online, Honeywell Car Air Purifier Review

Do you know that the average person in India spends almost 24 hours in a Car in a week? And that the air quality inside the car is 5 times worse than outside? Being on the street means exposure to smoke and dust. These pollutants make it worse and can lead to respiratory ailments and with COVID-19 around, having a car air purifier inside the car is more of necessity rather than a luxury although we have an air-conditioning system to limit the dusting inside the car.

It is a very useful and much-needed car accessory for people with asthma or people suffering from dust allergies. Also it is best if you have Baby On Board🙂

At a glance our list of Top 8 Best Air Purifier Available Online in India.

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Best Car Air Purifier In India 2021 Iconic Filter | Buying Guide

Before going into the list, let us understand few terminologies and types related to Air Purifier to help you choose between products. We call it Buying Guide 🙂

All air cleansers work to purify the air as well as get rid of contaminations by supplying fresh air. They are beneficial to people with bronchial asthma or allergic reaction. Additionally, we have lots of car air purifiers offered in the marketplace for removing the poor smell in the car and cleanse infected air.

How do Car Air Purifiers function?

Every car air purifier works in various fashion, relying on the system embedded in its design. Some purifiers work by sending the streams of negatively-charged fragments into the air. These particles help in counteracting any vulnerable particles in the air.

A few other designs draw the air inside the gadget to filter the dust particles. The fresh air is what we get as output and is re-circulated in the car. There are a couple of purifiers that create ozone to neutralize bad odor.

Gadgets that use carbon filters additionally do the exact same job however they attract the air inside the cleanser.

Types of Air Filters

HEPA Filters
HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) air purifiers make use of filters to catch the bacteria and other pollutants. Particles that are harmful like microorganisms and infections are captured in a HEPA filter which is generally not seen. Likewise, HEPA air cleansers do not generate hazardous products or ozone. A HEPA filter needs to be replaced when it is relatively used. HEPA air purifier can not remove gases, chemicals, as well as smell. One should use a car air freshener to remove bad odor. Furthermore, HEPA filters can trap the microbes that are between 0.3 microns to 10 microns.

UV Filters
An ultraviolet air purifier gets rid of infections, bacteria, and impurities from the air utilizing ultraviolet light. They are comparatively small in dimension and also are compact in design and make use of light bulbs to reduce impurities as well as various other hazardous bits from the air. They do not accumulate fragments like filters as well as plates rather they utilize light to alter the cell’s DNA and cause fatality to microorganisms and also viruses.

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Ionic Air Filters
They send out negative ions that bond with airborne fragments. On bonding, the dirt bits fall from the air. Ionic air purifiers can get rid of irritants, smoke, bacteria, infection, dirt, and fumes from the air. However they are not useful in getting rid of odor from the air.
Through the use of innovation these air purifiers take the polluted particles from the air as well as stay with the wall or any type of hard surface area. They do not completely get rid of the negative bits and also therefore there might be the opportunity of getting it back once more.

Carbon Air Filters
Normally, they are known as activated carbon air cleansers. They are effective in eliminating gases, smokes, odor, and fumes. In addition, they are suitable to individuals who are sensitive and have allergic problems. Though they are useful in eliminating the contamination airborne yet they are much less effective in eliminating airborne particles.

Ozone Air Filters
They spread ozone gas to manage the air contaminant. Though, lots of makers claim that the ozone air cleanser is secure to utilize, decontaminates, and deodorizes the air. Health professionals assert that ozone is damaging gas as well as possibly allergic as well as also create scars in the lungs. Additionally, they are unable of getting rid of pollens, dirt from the air.
However, we suggest not to utilize ozone-based air cleansers in the car as breathing ozone is inadvertently not good for your health and wellness.

Factors to Consider Before Making A Purchase

The traveler cabin quantity of a mid-size automobile falls between 3.10-3.40 cubic meter. So, this is the quantity of air that has to be altered by the air cleanser. A great air purifier should transform the air inside an offered room a minimum of 4 times a hr (ACH rating of 4). So, you should have a vehicle air cleanser with CADR (clean air delivery price) of around 12 m3/hr.

Ozone Gas
As also mentioned in our Buying Guide, NEVER get an air purifier that releases ozone gas. Though ozone ionizer might not be directly dangerous, ozone which is a by-product of the ionization process is a hazardous gas and a potential lung irritant that can cause breathing ailments.

Brand name
Ultimately, acquire air purifiers only from a reputed brand. Air purifiers call for routine filter modification. An unreliable brand might market inexpensive air purifiers and you won’t get substitute filters easily which you need to change it in a year. Whereas branded car air filters are readily available in both the online and offline markets.

We have covered only reputed brands in our list of top 6 car air purifier to help you make your decision easier.

These 3 aspects were our main factor to consider while assembling this listing.

Best Car Air Purifier In India | Reviews

1. Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier (Bold Black)

Honeywell is a fortune 100 reputed brand name in the Air Purifier Segment. Their car air purifier is also one of the best available in the market and hence they are on top of our list.

The Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier comes with a high powerful HEPA filter that eliminates dust particles along with other harmful contaminants. This can be confirmed due to the built-in PM2.5 detector which educates one of the latest phases of contamination in the vehicle.

It contains an active double carbon filter to removing cigarette smoke organic substances like formaldehyde, germs, disease, etc.. It does not release any ions and is completely ozone free.

The Honeywell move 2 Pure is low in decibel levels hence it is silent in its functioning and isn’t battery ran and draws in power from the readily available 12V port in the majority of cars nowadays.

Honeywell has provided an extension cable that provides mobility to place it in any location, be it on the dashboard panel, the area between 2 front seats, or below the mats.

Check out this review video from NDTV CarAndBike.
Source: Youtube

2. Sharp Plasmacluster Air Purifier

Sharp is a well known brand in making Home Air Purifer. This model of AIr Purifier is specifically designed for cars.

Distinct features of Sharp Plasmacluster is, it deodorizes fresh air quickly removing all the bad odor coming from car AC vent or any leftover food smell.

This Car Air Purifier is very quiet in its operation. The company tested this in electric car as well and the sound was barely audible.

It also comes with 2-port USB car adaptor so you can charge the phone at the same time.

This air purifier is compact in design and can be placed inside a cup holder of the car, it is portable to carry and you can also use it while working with your laptop inside a small office cabin. The company suggests it works best inside a 25sqft area of space.

It is available in 2 colors Metallic Black and Champagne Gold to choose from based on the color of the car interior.

3. ANSIO Air Purifier HEPA Active Carbon Filter- Portable Can Be Used For Both Home And Car

Ansio is a relatively new brand on which makes air filters. However in spite of the trademark name, this is just one of the most effective air strain there which can be utilized in your car and hence we have put them no. 2 in the list.

This Air Purifier comes with a high CADR of 30.43m^3 which helps to reduce Vehicle exhaust, Smoke, Dust, Allergens inside the car.

This car air purifier has many unique attributes one of them is it comes with USB charger output and is quite compact for easy portability.

This is one of the only air purifiers in the list with an in-built UV filter. It eliminates every little thing from dust to smoke and also even smell triggering microorganisms. You can additionally have an air freshener to make your car aroma lively.

The company claims that filter works with 5 stage filteration process.

1) Pre-filter
2) HEPA filter
3) Black Active carbon filter
4) A filter equipped with Photo Catalytic Titanium dioxide
5) UV Lamp and finally through an Ionizer which releases a cloud of beneficial negative ions into the air.

4. Philips GoPure Compact 100 Airmax Car Air Purifier (Black)

The Compact car air purifier has a three-stage filtering system tools where the enormous particles are constrained with the pre-filter. PM2.5 particles remove dirt and also other particles such as plant pollen, damaging gases, and microorganism, are caught using the HEPA filter. The third HESA filter takes care of harmful smells from stagnant meals and cigarette smoke.

Philips declares to clean and also filter every one of the toxic substances in precisely 13-15 minutes. The purifier immediately switches over on with each other with your car engine’s ignition.

Filter lifetime is of 350 hours which is great considering the usage inside the car.

5.Philips GoPure Slimline 230 Car Air Purifier (Dark Grey)

This Compact Car Air Purifier from Philips refreshes your car wih complementary Jasmine Flavour Fragrance.

Removes dust particles, smoke, bacteria, viruses from the car in just 13 min.

It has a very compact design and looks stylish when placed inside the car also, it has automatic operation and filtration control mechanism so that you do not have to worry about operating it and the driver can focus on driving.

You can place inside the cup holder space and also attach it to the back of front seats.

This philips air purifier has a display panel which shows the Air Quality Index in a numbered format, and it also has different color indication to indicate the Air Quality Index for the interior of your car.

Philips has also certified this product from Airmid for its unique filter technology which removed upto 90 percent airborne allergies.

6. Atlanta Healthcare HEPA Pure ® Viral Guard ® MP-01 MotoPure Ultra Car Air Purifier for Sedan/Hatchback

Atlanta makes different air filters for both houses as well as automotive usage. While they may not be as popular as few other brands, they definitely supply a piece worth considering for comparison and review in our top best car air purifiers in India.

It is one of the only car air purifiers with 2 fans in it and it adjusts the fan speed on its own. As a result, it has the ability to use high airflow while being relatively quiet.

It comes with a CADR value of 15 m3/hr and consumes 3.5W power from the 12v outlet in your vehicle. And it has the ability to provide this while being compact to be used in a car.

It can clean up the air in your car within 10 minutes, using its 4 layer filtering system. As well as it removes PM2.5, PM10, smoke, germs, fungus, gases, hazardous compounds, and also every little thing. This results a fresh air in your car.

7.Purita Classic Car Air Purifier with Multi-Layer HEPA Filtration – Grey

This Car Air Purifier is one of the most popular products in HEPA car air purifier category because of it’s unique design.

The company claims to have using MULTI-LAYER HEPA WITH IONIZATION for thorough cleaning and have High CADR and unique 360 Degrees airflow allows to spread the clean air in every corner of the car.

It also has intelligent mode to change the speed of air purifier based on air quality inside your car.

This car air purifier can be controlled with only 1 button to cycle throughout the distinct settings and there is a color light that indicates air quality which is a unique feature. It’s possible to place inside the internal cup-holder.

Body material is Premium Alloy, which makes it durable and long lasting.

It is an ideal choice for people that travel with infants and grandparents.

8. Airlens Car Air Sanitizer/Purifier

Upgrade your car AC to Virus resistant Air Purifier.

This is one of the unique Made In India product by scientists from AIIMS and IIT. This Air Sanitizer seats perfectly in place of AC filter inside your car hence you do not have to worry about space occupancy in your dashboard.

The pollution inside a car can be 2 to 5 times more than that of outside and can harm your health. Airlens Car Air Sanitizer is based on the World’s 1st Active Molecular Technology with minimum airflow resistance that reaches WHO prescribed Air Quality inside the car in just 2 minutes removing PM 2.5, PM 1 Particles, Bacteria, Germs, Pollen, SOX and NOXs.

This car air sanitizer is very much affordable and it comes at 1/10th cost of a Car Air Purifier.

It is invisible and is designed in such a way that it takes no extra space in the car and fits inside the same slot where the ordinary Non-PM 2.5, Non-Anti-Pollution filters are fitted. Airlens Car Air Sanitizers are almost breakdown resistant as it is dependent on Car’s AC Fan system rather than a mechanical external device like Car Air purifiers.

All you need to do is sit inside the car and switch on the AC fan in circulation mode and breathe fresh air.

Not only this, but it is also available in different sizes for different make and model of Indian brand cars. Currently it is available only for cars and soon the team is planning to make it available for school buses.

Here’s a demo video from Airlens that shows the importance of having air purifier inside the car.

Source: YouTube

9. Nebelr Car Air Purifier Ionizer

This air purifier uses ionizer air purification technology and is a Japense brand named Nebelr.

Nebelr Car Air Ionizer releases 9 Millions of Negative Ions and increases its density in the air and attaches to invisible harmful dust particles like PM2.5, PM10, to form into cluster and fall down on the ground, making them heavy and unable to fly in the air again. Thus, you are left with Clean and Fresh air in the room to breathe.

It has NO FILTER as it does not collect any dust inside hence you do not need to replace the filter unlike traditional air purifier.

This comes with blue LED indicator which enhances the car’s interiors.

It produces less than 30db noise which cannot be heard making a low noise air purifier. Additionally it also has an in-built fan that provides 360 degrees air purification.

The company claims to kill 99% of Germs, bacteria and viruses inside the car this is quiet useful considering covid-19 situation.

Top 5 Cars Under 20 Lakhs In India With Built-In Car Air Purifier

1. Hyundai Creta

The recently launched version of Hyundai Creta in the Indian market uses the integrated HEPA air purifier. The air purifier rests perfectly on the edge of the central armrest and gives a cool touchscreen which is 10.25inch in size and can be operated using the smartphone app. The touchscreen provides useful information about the air quality index and toggle options for its various features.

5 Cars In India Built In Car Air Purifier
Hyundai Creta
5 Cars In India Built In Car Air Purifier
Built-In Car Air Purifier

This feature is available from SX trim with an automatic transmission variant of CRETA for which ex-showroom price starts at 15 Lakhs In India.

2. Kia Seltos

KIA was the first brand in India to provide a built-in car air purifier when they launched the initial Seltos model in 2018. Same as Creta the air purifier seats perfectly at the edge of the central armrest with a display panel but unlike Creta it does not have a touchscreen option on its own for its functionality. It relies on the central touch infotainment panel for its operation. One added feature is the perfume diffuser which is cherry on the cake so that you do not have to worry about refilling those air fresheners and thus providing you with top-notch air quality and freshness inside the car.

5 Cars In India Built In Car Air Purifier
Built-In Car Air Purifier
5 Cars In India Built In Car Air Purifier

3. Hyundai Venue

We have another one from Hyundai. With an ex-showroom price range of around 11 lakhs it offers an air purifier in cup holder space as a built-in factory option rather than an accessory. This feature comes in SX+ variants which happen to be premium variants of the car. The car air purifier can also be detached from it’s spot in case you are running out of space for your coffee mugs.

5 Cars With Built In Car Air Purifier
Hyundai Venue

Best Car Air Purifier
Built In Car Air Purifier

This video from Car Duniya uploaded on Youtube explains the functionality of Hyundai Venue Car Air Purifier Features. It comes with different color LED light feature to indicate the air quality inside the car.

4. Morris Garage MG ZS EV

5 cars in India with Built In Car Air Purifer

At the 4th position in the list, we have MG’s second car model and India’s first electric car in the premium SUV segment MG ZS EV. MG does not provide any external specific unit as Air Purifier however, they have in-built an air purifier into the car’s air conditioning system. There is no operating needed, just turn on the AC inside the car and enjoy the purified fresh air which removes all the impurities inside the car with a PM 2.5 filter. MG offers this feature in the top variant costing around 23 lakhs in India.

5. Hyundai Verna

5 Cars India With Built In Car Air Purifier

The upcoming model of next-gen Hyundai Verna 2020 has acquired rumors to get the in-built car air purifier which is no surprise from Hyundai and will be available in a premium variant of the car model as Creta and Venue.

Final Thoughts

Summing up, considering the coronavirus pandemic having a Car Air Purifier is no more a luxury rather an essential accessory one must get it installed in their car.

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a nation-broad lockdown in India. The infection, which is standard to be exceptionally infectious transfers through small droplets of cough or sneeze of the contaminated individual, in such a scenario it is extremely important to have a Car Purifier to help improve air quality inside your car for you and your loved ones. We recommend Car Purifier as one of the MUST-HAVE accessories going ahead in the future.

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